Vegan Dishes and Baby Kisses

A personal diary and source of my simple and easy gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dishes, On the Glow travel guides, mind-body and mom life inspiration. 

mama on the glow vegan dishes and baby kisses


Let’s get cooking and begin focusing on mind and body health! I will be bringing you into my kitchen and providing recipes and video tutorials to help you live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. You will find my vegan recipes are quick and easy, require minimal ingredients and are vibrant and delicious. I’m a bit of a free spirit at heart and can assure you that a plant-based diet is anything but rigid. After adopting a healthy lifestyle of a vegan diet, daily meditation and yoga, I have never felt better. I look forward to inspiring you to make begin your healthy journey. When you commit to a healthier you, magical things happen.

“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” 

~Virgina Woolf


Mama on the Glow Vegan Dishes


My On The Glow Travel Guides include my favorite hotels, restaurants and activities in the best cities around the world from Napa to Maui to Paris. I have created these guides to give you the tools to experience first class travel while on a budget. My husband and I love seeking new adventures and unique destinations. I believe traveling is so important to enlighten your mind and body. Each new adventure allows you to flourish, meet new people, experience different cultures and enrich your soul. Stumbling upon hidden luxurious gems in a new city makes me so happy, and I will be sharing all of these fabulous finds with you.


Mama on the Glow Vegan Dishes and Baby Kisses


Becoming a mom has made my heart whole. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the overwhelming love I would feel when I looked into my son’s eyes for the first time. I pinch myself every day when I hear his infectious giggle, watch him reach new milestones, and connect with him. I’m constantly balancing being the best mom I can be with my passions for cooking, travel and personal growth. And I look forward to cherishing each and every one of the wonderful and messy moments while navigating life as a mom, hopefully inspiring others to create a life of simplicity, good health and a bit of glamour. 


Mama on the Glow