Baby Sleeping All Night? Top Tips To Get Some Sleep

Get Baby Sleeping All Night

Baby and mama are sleeping through the night and it feels so good! After a rocky start and lots of trial and error, I am happy to say we are a very well rested family. Parents talk about getting baby sleeping all night the way people talk about the weather! It’s a hot topic in a house with a newborn. I awoke this morning ready to conquer the busy day and my baby boy woke up with smiles and squeals of delight. We are both sleeping like babies! These are my top tips to get baby sleeping all night long!

Get Baby Sleeping All Night

During my pregnancy I was concerned about the  inevitable lack of sleep and how it would affect me and my son. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively and knew I was in for a stormy change once the little one arrived. After my c-section I was exhausted for weeks. This fatigue doesn’t mix well with a hungry newborn who must eat every two hours or less. I would shut my eyes only to be woken again in what felt like minutes to nurse my baby again throughout the days and nights.

People say the mom should sleep when the baby sleeps but this is hard for me. I feel like I need to get things done around the house and take a shower at the very least! I began reading tons of books like Babywise and The Baby Whisperer and gained knowledge about getting our baby on a schedule.



During the first five weeks we didn’t adhere to a strict schedule considering I nursed on demand but I tried to follow a sleep, eat, wake cycle from the beginning which helped my baby feel confident about a sleep routine. He trusted me and I trusted him! At 6 weeks, I began to implement the schedule more and more and it really worked like a charm. Upon waking, I immediately feed my baby and then play, change diapers, etc, and then back to sleep! As your baby gets older, the wake time increases little by little.


If your baby knows the plan, he will be a much more content, happy baby! I am not a regimented person, but I am a very regimented mom. I realize how much my baby needs a consistent schedule. We follow the sleep, eat, wake schedule to a tee these days. When it’s nap time or sleep time, my baby knows he will be dressed warmly, bathed, swaddled,fed and rocked. His needs and expectations are met so he is able to let go and drift off into dreamland.


I keep white noise on in the background to lull my baby into a deep sleep. I also use the “Shhhh” app which playa as he falls asleep and this works like a charm!

How are you all handling sleepless nights and days? I’d love to hear your success stories! Now I have the energy to really connect and play with my cutie during the day. We still have some nights when he’s off schedule of course, but as a new parent I’m learning that no day is the exact same. I remain flexible and just continue sticking to our schedule. We are a happy little sleeping family!