Top Tips to Cherish The Moments: Babies Grow Up So Fast

Parents of newborn babies know this is an incredible, happy and exhausting time all wrapped up into one brief and magical moment. This feeling gets real when you realize your newborn is growing fast and you must cherish the moments. My baby boy turns three months this week and I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for his newborn days, yet so excited and hopeful for all of the development and fun to come. I want to bottle up this time and treasure it forever. While I was nursing early this morning I contemplated how I can stay in the present and soak in every smile, tear, new moment…all of it! My top tips to cherish the moments are making time go a little slower.
Top Tips to Cherish The Moments Babies

Top Tips to Cherish The Moments

  1. LIMIT TECHNOLOGY:  In this day of iPhones  Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and more, it’s easy to get consumed by technology. My husband and I started “No Tech Tuesdays” years ago and it was incredibly enlightening. We vowed to come home from work and not look at our phones or television screens all night. We actually connected, talked and read before bed. This became a weekly habit. We found a connection we didn’t realize existed. Time seemed to stop in it’s tracks. Can you try a “No Tech” evening? It seems impossible but the benefits are so great.
  2. LIVE IN THE PRESENT:  It’s human nature to take our present moment for granted and to live in the past or future. Living in the present moment is so hard yet so fulfilling. This is the only way to savor these special times with your newborn baby. It can be difficult when you’re on a repeat schedule of feeding, burping, changing diapers, sleeping, and over and over again but I choose to cherish the cycle, cherish the repeat, and even cherish the cries and the tougher days.
  3. MEDITATION:  I have been a follower of Deepak Chopra for years now and find that meditation works really well to keep me in the present. I don’t have time for a full meditation anymore, but I definitely can make the time for 10 minutes every morning. It makes such a difference in my day. “We can choose whether to make time an enemy or an ally. We can shift from time-bound awareness into timeless awareness . . . to the ecstasy that can only be found in the present moment.” Deepak Chopra
  4. YOGA:  I’ve started back into yoga after my c-section and it’s made such a difference in my internal dialogue for the day. I feel strong, empowered, and ready to conquer the world and the challenges of the day, as well as cherish the moments with my baby and give him all of my attention when we are together. Yoga reminds me to BREATHE. Check in with your self every now and then and see if you’re deeply breathing….it’s a challenge!

Top 3 Tips to Cherish The Moments Babies

These lovely baby days are sheer bliss and happiness mixed with sleep deprivation and challenges. I am keeping a positive perspective and know the moment is just as it is supposed to be. Every time I find myself longing for yesterday or thinking of the future, I re-train the talk track going on in my mind. When my brain tells me there is laundry to do or groceries to get, I stop and just ENJOY THE MOMENT! I am going to put my phone down, breathe, and truly connect with my baby as I watch him grow, develop and take delight in all of the little things this beautiful world has to offer.