Shhh….Baby is Napping!

Shhh…baby is napping! From the moment we welcomed our baby boy earth side I wanted to sit and stare at him all day and night. The first six weeks were a blur! The sleepless nights started to catch up with me and the unpredictable days and hunger from breastfeeding all day and night left me feeling a little desperate. Some days my sweet boy just didn’t want to sleep at all!

napping schedule

Our baby has been very alert from day one and he hasn’t wanted to miss a thing! At first I thought this was adorable and thought I could keep up with his sleepless antics, but I soon realized I needed some time for ME and most importantly he needed restorative napping for his development! So I kicked it into high gear and got him on a schedule when he was around seven weeks old.

napping schedule

Let’s get real, it isn’t easy and it doesn’t always go as planned but once napping became routine, he actually looked forward to these times.  Some days he would cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep. Other days he would talk to himself and fall asleep in 20 minutes or so, and on other days he would simply refuse to sleep! On those days, I would get him up and try again in two hours. The best advice I can give is to STAY CONSISTENT! I keep nap time positive and don’t let him see me sweat!

At first napping was a quick 30 minute session and now he sleeps two to three hours every time (well, most of his naps)!  He wakes up so well rested and happy and remains in a playful mood for the next two hours. Then it’s back to nap number 2 at 1pm. The afternoon nap is always a little more challenging, so blackout shades are a savior! If he really needs a third nap, he will take a shorter nap around 4:30 or 5pm and then he’s ready to play a bit more before bed at 7:30pm.


7am: Wake, nurse and play.

8am: I give him a little bath, get him all cozy in his swaddle and put him in his bassinet awake by 8:30.  The key is to get him in bed before he gets overtired. I turn the white noise machine on, give him a pat and tell him to have a good nap in a cheery voice, and shut the door.

9am: sleep

11am: Wake, nurse and play

12:30pm: Calm things down, change, read book, swaddle

1pm: sleep

3:00pm: Wake, nurse and play

5:00pm: sleep

5:45pm: Wake and play

7:00pm: Bathe, read a book, nurse, swaddle

7:30pm: sleep


I’m typically not a regimented person but I find it amazing how much my baby loves a routine and I am loving it too! On days when he gets his long restorative naps he seems to grow physically and mentally and he is in a calm and happy mood during his awake times. He is just a joy to be around.  And I am a happy mama because I can actually get things done around the house, talk to a friend, eat, and well, check instagram of course! 🙂

How is sleep going with your babes? If it’s rough right now, I can assure you…sleep is just a few zzz’s away!


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