Skin Tips for a Summer Glow: Beauty On The Glow

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Summer is a time of youthfulness, a time to feel like a child again and have a little fun.  But all of this pool time and fun in the sun brings with it potential skin disasters.  What’s a girl to do when you want your cake and to eat it too!  We all want to spend time at the beach reading (baking) in the sun, yet we know what the sun is going to do to our skin eventually. Working in the aesthetic industry, I have seen sun damage and it’s not pretty. So, how do you keep your summer skin glowing while vacationing and frolicking in the sun? Below are the top skin tips for beautiful glowing skin.

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Skin Tips for a Summer Glow: Beauty On The Glow

  • ALWAYS wear a sun hat.  There are so many glam and super cute hat styles.  I like to have a stash of casual to super chic hats on hand to go with every outfit and every occasion.  Not only will you be protecting your beautiful face, but also your scalp which is often neglected.
  • USE Vitamin C serums.  Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid are great to get rid of sun spots.  They also give a glow to the skin.  I love Skinceuticals!
  • SKIP harsh retinols during the summer.  Retinols are super helpful to attack fine lines and wrinkles, but if you are in the sun it’s just going to create more sun damage and sun spots.  Hold off until winter.
  • USE a self tanning moisturizer.  No one wants to come home from vacation without a tan or at least a sun kissed glow.  There are now so many self tanner products on the market that don’t make you orange and smell funny.  This is a must for summer time and will allow you to go foundation free and still look gorgeous!
  • USE a sheet mask.  My favorite masks are sheet masks.  I have tried so many products that promise a glow and sheet masks deliver every time.  I love Patchology illuminating sheet masks and SK-II sheet masks.
  • EAT WELL. Vitamin C, protein, antioxidants can do wonders for the skin and can be found in so many wonderful summer fruits and veggies.

Skin Tips For A Summer GlowSkin Tips For A Summer Glow

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