Organic Vegan Straw-Banana Cocoa Bowl

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I have a serious obsession for colorful, bright and organic foods and love creating new vegan recipes based on the philosophy that healthy food should taste like a treat. This morning my baby boy devoured my Organic Vegan Straw-Banana Cocoa Bowl and gave me a smile that let me know I did good. This is why I love to cook. I feel so satisfied making healthy, organic and clean food for my family. I love to see eyes light up when my husband and baby boy take their first bites of a new recipe.

My yummy straw-banana cocoa bowl is a favorite a few times a week because it tastes like a decadent dessert! This vegan bowl has a brightness to lighten any morning and is just sweet enough to satisfy a dreaded donut craving. I add lots of strawberries for the rich antioxidants. This will give your skin a serious glow. The organic oats, flax, chia seeds and slivered almonds are great for extra energy and the added protein powder will leave you feeling fueled all day long.

Using fresh, seasonal and organic fruits is the key to success, so I play around with this recipe depending on the time of year. Blueberries, raspberries and peaches are also wonderful in this bowl. You can also substitute the oats for quinoa which give a nice nutty flavor.

organic vegan straw-banana bowl

Organic Vegan Straw-Banana Cocoa Bowl

Serves 2

Prep and Cook Time: 10 mins

1 cup organic oats or quinoa (I like Bob’s Red Mill brand)

3 T chia seeds (I like Navitas brand)

1 T flax seeds (I like Spectrum brand)

1/4 cup slivered almonds

1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

2 cups coconut milk yogurt (I like So Delicious)

2 T all natural maple syrup

1 cup sliced organic strawberries

1 sliced banana

Dash of cinnamon

Dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder

Straw-banana organic oats bowl

Organic Straw-Banana cocoa bowlPreparation:

Cook oats or quinoa on stove top or in microwave. (I use less water because I like my oats firmer and thicker for this recipe.)

Combine chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds and protein powder to the cooked oats or quinoa.

Add coconut milk yogurt on top and top it off with a drizzle of all natural maple syrup.

Add loads of strawberries, bananas and a dash of cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Bon Appetit!


Mama on the Glow