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After adopting a healthy lifestyle of a vegan diet, daily yoga and meditation things in my life seemed to just fall into place. I always thought ‘everything in moderation’ was a great philosophy. I would practice a little yoga, drink a little wine, eat a little slice of pizza…you get the point! I was pretty physically fit and pretty happy, but something was off. When I finally decided to make a full lifestyle change, miraculous things happened. I slept well, my body and mind became physically and mentally fit, my creativity flourished, I got pregnant and I feel GREAT, even chasing after a very active little one!


Vegan Diet Chopra Yoga Meditation

I love to share my experience and enjoy helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle. The benefits are so much better than a slice of chocolate cake! And you can start today. Why wait until tomorrow or next year? I suffered from insomnia, migraines, low energy, and tension throughout my body for years before making the decision to get healthy from the inside out with a vegan diet, daily yoga and daily meditation.

Ask yourself, What can I start doing TODAY to become healthier and excited for the days and years ahead? Once you begin to see positive changes, you may decide to adopt a completely new lifestyle.

Vegan Diet Chopra Yoga Meditation

Vegan Diet Yoga Meditation Chopra


  • Each morning wake up with intention and practice a 10 minute yoga and meditation sequence. I started with Deepak Chopra’s daily meditation and love it so much. (Video coming soon to my blog.)
  • Enjoy a plant-based vegan diet with no dairy, meat, or eggs. You will be amazed at how many options there are to choose from. I will be sharing my vegan recipes on the blog weekly and adding some videos for you all as well.)
  • Find your happy place and visit it once a week at least. I love water so I find a pool or the ocean as often as I can and meditate, read, listen to music, even color! You may even find your inner child and a lot of inner peace.

I will be sharing weekly inspiration tips for you all. Have a relaxed weekend! Namaste.


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