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Do you have a food blog and food based Instagram page? If so, you already know pictures are worth a thousand words and the photos of your food must be absolutely mouth-watering good. But what about videos? Videos are becoming widely used and are so important for your food blog. Food is a sensory experience…we eat with all of the senses, smelling the aroma of baking bread, hearing the sizzle of garlic in a pan, feeling the fuzziness of a peach, and most of all seeing beautiful food with our eyes! Colorful, rich, juicy food plated like art work turns on our appetites. You can read more about this in my my article on taking great Instagram food photos. Creating Instagram food blog videos is similar to taking amazing photos. Lighting, composition, and content are a few of the most important aspects to awesome videography. Take a look at the video of my Vegan Pumpkin Breakfast Bowl. What works about this video?

This video works well for Instagram because it’s short and sweet. Instagram wants videos to be no longer than one minute. Attention spans these days! 🙂 People don’t have time to sit through a full video. You can post a longer video on You Tube for extra content, but keep it short on Instagram. Our brains process information fast and we love visuals. This is why videos are so popular now for food! They really help the viewer understand the recipe better than reading it alone.

So, how do you achieve this when you want to get in a full recipe? Editing is key! Let’s discuss the most important things to be doing to get the best videos for your food blog and Instagram page. 

Tips For Creating Instagram Food Blog Videos

  • Content:  

    Content is King. No one wants to watch boring movies, tv, or vlogs. Attention spans are too short these days to create anything but the BEST content. Your video should be unique, fun, short and sweet. Don’t choose a recipe that is complicated and time consuming. Your video should pop immediately and engage your audience with a story, vibrant color, exciting shots, and a clear message. I set up my videos as step by step tutorials. Videos that actually teach your audience how to make your recipe are very popular, rather than creating a video of a lovely looking meal. 

  • Unclutter your kitchen:

    Make your kitchen look appealing and enticing. You want your focus to be on the food and cooking, not on your spatulas and dish soap!

  • Editing:  

    Once you have great footage, you must must must edit. Even if you want to create one longer version for you tube and your food blog and another short version for Instagram, be sure to edit your footage into a concise video. Speed up certain parts. Delete unnecessary footage. I like iMovie and Final Cut. Even the editing options on Instagram are a good start. You can cut your footage and add filters

  • Music:  

    Make your video exciting to watch by adding a little spice with music.  I have found catchy, energetic beats are the most popular when creating instagram food blog videos.

  • Set up different shots:

    Keep the video aesthetically pleasing by having more than one view point. Create different angles so the video feels exciting to watch. Shooting overhead can be a nice way to see the ingredients go into a pot or blender. And angled shots add a little creativity rather than a standard head on view point.

  • Lighting:

    Use natural light as much as possible and invest in some professional lighting. It will make a world of difference in your photos and videos. Avoid harsh shadows and definitely don’t use FLASH!



  • Gear:

    Be sure to use a great camera. Even iPhones these days have an awesome video camera.  Invest in a couple tripods (including an overhead tripod), lights, possibly a microphone, great backdrops, beautiful plates and dishes, and voila…you are ready to shoot.

  • Add your personality:

    If you want, add yourself to the video to engage with your audience. People like to see who is behind the food. It personalizes your video and makes people want to see what you are cooking next!Creating Food Blog Instagram Videos

Creating Instagram Food Blog Videos takes a lot of time and dedication, but if you’re passionate about it, it is such a exciting process. Once you have the final product, you’ll want to keep making them! Just remember to keep your videos clean, concise and beautiful. When your content and food are mouth watering good, your viewers will want to see more and more.

Stick to a shooting schedule, maybe one day a week to start and get in the kitchen, prepare your ingredients, and start cooking! Most of all, have FUN and get creative while doing it!

Creating Instagram food blog videos


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