Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

A day in the life of a vegan…what do I eat? This is a question I get asked constantly. You may be thinking about adopting a plant-based diet but simply don’t know where to start. Or, maybe a family member still wants to eat meat. There are so many fabulous meatless dishes that meat-eaters love! Perhaps you don’t know how to eliminate eggs and dairy in recipes? Before I followed a vegan diet, I asked many of the same questions. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get all of my nutrients from a strict plant-based diet. It’s actually a lot easier than it seems. You can re-create almost any of your favorite family meals to be a vegan dish. All it takes is a little thought and creativity, and loads of veggies, fruits and legumes in your fridge and pantry. My Vegan Meal Plan is so simple, even my non-vegan friends envy my daily diet.  

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

What do I eat in a day?

As a super busy wife and mom to a bustling, energetic baby boy, life is wild and incredibly fun these days. Meal planning is essential. And my recipes are quick, easy and require minimal ingredients. Following a vegan meal plan is not difficult, but it does take some thought and time. Fresh vegetables and fruits, slow cooked lentils and beans, and lots of fresh smoothies are a big part of our week. Thankfully my 10 month old LOVES watching me cook. He is so interested in the process of making beautiful food…and of course he loves to eat the final product!

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Dayes (Gluten-Free)


Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A DaySo, when he’s napping, I’m in the kitchen creating recipes and putting together my vegan meal plan for the week. Food is my love language and dining together as a family is our favorite time of day. It’s so special watching my baby boy enjoying healthy food. Food associations begin at a young age, so I am introducing just about every vegetable, fruit, legume and more to his diet. He just devours blueberries right now!

When I decided to adopt a fully plant-based and vegan diet I was ready! I was ready to commit myself to choosing the most healthy lifestyle, not just for myself but for my entire family. So the elimination of certain foods was not hard for me. And the benefits that have followed are so big. I have enormous amounts of energy, have less physical aches and pains, have more mental energy and sparks of creativity, and my skin has a constant glow.

Now with documentaries out there like WHAT THE HEALTH many are realizing it’s time to make a change. If you are looking to follow a vegan diet but not sure where to start or what exactly to eat, I have put together a typical daily vegan meal plan for you to follow. This changes daily for me (there’s no need for boredom as a vegan!) but it’s a great example of a day in the life of a vegan! You can find many more vegan recipe ideas and video tutorials here!

Meal planning is an art all on its own. It takes creativity to plan meals out so you don’t get bored, but also so you use everything in your fridge! We are big on no waste in this household. It drives my husband crazy if we have to throw anything out, so I always make sure to plan out our week after I go grocery shopping. 

When planning my recipes I think about the weather. If it’s cold, I will make more soups. If it’s warm, it’s all about light salads and brown rice veggie bowls.  

I also keep flavors in mind. I want everything I make to be delicious, packed full of nutrition, colorful and full of flavor. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner should all blend together so you’re not stuck with just one flavor all day, or too many flavors in one day! Like I said, it really is an art. And it takes some thought. But it’s soooo worth it!

So, let’s get started…

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A DayBreakfast

I always start my day with hot water, lemon and honey. It’s so cleansing and gets me hydrated for the morning. I also love a little matcha tea to get me revved up for the day.  I’m not a morning person, but with a baby I’m turning into one! I still like to prep my breakfasts in advance by having chia puddings and overnight oats on hand and ready to go!Vegan Meal Plan

Next, I make my Enlightened Vegan Veggie Shake to drink all morning long. This smoothie is packed full of protein, veggies and fruits and will leave you feeling sooo satisfied. I call this energy in a blender bottle and I never leave home without it!

Vegan Meal Plan

On days when I need more substance, I like to pair my veggie shake with my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats. This cup of salty sweet perfection is vegan, gluten-free and sooo much healthier than a Reese’s. 🙂 I mean, come on…chocolate for breakfast is the absolute best!

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

And on weekends, it’s all about the Vegan Blueberry Chia Muffin Pancakes 🙂 My husband and baby boy gobble these up as fast as I can make them!


Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

My Vegan Spicy Tofu Scramble is a great way to get your protein, calcium, and vitamins.

This is one of those lunches that I keep coming back to because it is so light. It won’t weigh you down or put you in a food coma!  You know the kind of coma when you eat a greasy, rich lunch and then have a meeting you have to run. The two just don’t go together.

The key to lunch for me is to keep it light but flavorful and full of protein. This dish still has a spicy kick to leave you super satisfied for the rest of the day.  Vegan Meal Plan

And then there are days when I want to treat myself to a more fruit based lunch like my Glowing Green Fruit Gazpacho or my Vegan Pumpkin Breakfast Bowl.


Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

CRAVINGS! You know what I’m talking about…when you just need something but you’re not really that hungry.

Some days I save half of my veggie shake for my afternoon snack. It’s just perfect when that 3:00/4:00 craving hits. If I don’t have healthy options on hand, I find myself eating a bag of chips which leaves me even hungrier!  

Another great snack option to always have on hand is antioxidant rich berries, chickpeas or carrot sticks and hummus!  Yum!

If you have set up your vegan meal plan well, you will NOT need to give in to those mid day cravings any more.


Dinner time is everything to my family. My husband takes our baby on a walk every evening while I am in the kitchen cooking. When they get home, their appetites are revved up and they’re more than ready for a delicious, healthy meal!Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

Two of our favorites are my Vegan Sweet Potato Mushroom Tacos and my Vegan Eggplant Parmigiana. These vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free dinners are just sooo yummy. Husband tested and baby approved! These dinners are full of flavor, hearty and delish.

Our family tradition is Sauce Sundays because the aroma of Italian sauce cooking on the stove for hours is just the coziest.

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day


As you know, my sweet tooth is pretty intense! I love chocolatey, gooey desserts. So, my Easy Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are coming warm out of the oven on the regular! MMM!

Vegan Meal Plan: What I Eat In A Day

For a fruit based dessert option, my go to is my Vegan Almond Chia Pudding with Berry Puree. It is soooo beautiful, decadent and healthy. I love making this dessert when I throw a dinner party. My guests think it took me hours to prepare, and really it takes minutes!Vegan Meal Plan

Ahhh, now baby is sleeping and my husband and I have a little time to ourselves! We turn Apple TV on, cuddle up with some herbal tea, and I am one satisfied Vegan mama! 

I would love to hear more about your journey to becoming vegan and your vegan meal plan. What do you eat in a day? And how has a plant-based diet changed your life?

Food is love and life and committing to a healthy life is the best treat we can ever give ourselves.

Happy Vegan Meal Planning!


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