Welcome!  I’m Kelsy, founder of Mama on the Glow | Vegan Dishes and Baby Kisses.

I’m a wellness expert, coach and plant-based chef living in Los Angeles. And my most important role is Mama.

I have helped thousands discover their inner joy to attract lasting loving relationships they never imagined possible.” 

“I work with professionals, consultants, singles, moms, students, and go-getters. My mission is to help my clients see their beauty, discover their truth, activate their highest goals and reach for the stars to find love and live out their creative dreams.” ~Kelsy

About Mama on the Glow

What about Mama on the Glow?

Not sure how to meditate, or how to become healthier from the inside out? Trying to simplify and live a more present, joyful life? Looking for lasting loving relationships?

Let’s celebrate a healthy, abundant and love-filled life on this wellness journey together! Mama on the Glow is a community of high achievers. A place for daily inspiration to live more mindfully, eat colorful fruits and vegetables and get physically and mentally fit for a happier life. 

Join me for wellness inspiration and a sense of greater well-being. Let’s lift our spirits and access your highest potential to optimize your wellness, including areas of self love, attracting love, weight loss, fitness, sleep habits, stress, and professional success. For new moms, discover optimal weight loss tips, baby sleep guides, tips on feeling sexy and more.

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What wellness tips will I find on Mama on the Glow?

About Mama on the Glow

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